Rick and Morty Artwork

Recently added to the Etsy shop:

Rick and Morty prints available for printing at home!

Currently available is a PDF format, as well as a JPG format. These you can edit to your liking for size, and print on whatever you wish! The prints are from an original canvas paint. The original was painted with acrylics, and have highlights of marker on it. The prints are listed in my Etsy shop for $14.99. If you do not have a printer at home, and would like to arrange a custom print mailed to you, please use the contact me form, and speak to me directly. I’m sure we can arrange something!

How to make Beeswax Candles


Fancy meeting you here. Guess you want to know how I made my beeswax candles. They’re pretty simple to do.

All you need is:

-Candle holders (or some glass jars)
-Candle wicks
-Sticky sides for the bottom of the wicks (or hot glue)
-Coconut oil
-Your choice of essential oils
-Wooden stick
-Double boilerΒ  (I used a tin container and a pot to fake this, plus you don’t want to ruin your pots with beeswax!)

And some creativity never hurts!



First, I cleaned out my candle holders that I picked up from Value Village (VV Boutique). Then I heated up my hot glue gun and glued them to the centre of the holder. I threaded the wick through a closepin, to keep them centred.

Now for the fun part, melting the wax!


Above I have two packages of beeswax and some blocks of beeswax. Couldn’t tell you exactly how much – I eyeballed it and made as many candles as I could. I also added a bit of coconut oil to help the essential oils smell stick. Beeswax doesn’t absorb the scent well on its own. Coconut oil helps with this.


The beeswax and coconut oil are almost melted! At this point I stirred it with my wooden stick to help melt it faster. Underneath my tin pan is some boiling water (I have the stove at midheat at this point). The water is NOT touching the pan, just generating enough heat to melt the wax and oils. After the beeswax and coconut oil was melted, I added a few drops of my essential oil of choice, orange.


Carefully, I used a oven mit to grab the tin pan and I bent a little bit over on the corner to ease pouring. I filled the jars to just below the rim. When I was pouring, I set my oven to 170 degrees F. Once the oven was preheated and the jars were full, I shut the oven off. The jars went in the oven, as if the beeswax cools too quickly it can crack.


I let these jars set in the oven till the wax was hard.

Now I’ll let these sit for two days and cut the wick to size afterwards.


The finished product! Lovely slow burning mild scented beeswax candles! (Next time I’ll put a bit more essential oil in!) πŸ’–

πŸ˜πŸ’– That’s how I made my candles! Any questions or recommendations feel free to comment below.Β 

These beeswax candles are going to soon be available for ordering! Stay tuned!Β 



πŸŒ’πŸŒ•πŸŒ˜ Painted the afternoon away once again..Β  Quite happy with this abstract turn out. πŸ–Œ What do you see when you look at these painting?

(Are you interested inΒ purchasing a print? πŸ–€)

Quick post to show her off! Hope you’re all enjoying your Easter Sunday!

Any reason to craft

πŸ˜… My hunny wore this shirt to a Shinedown + In This Moment concert recently…

Some destruction may have happened in the very much sober mosh pit… πŸ•΄πŸ˜‚


Of course the crafter in me had to make a keepsake out of it


Milestone of life


This tree of life has been sold to a happy buyer! Feeling very inspired having such great support behind me. The symbolism of the life tree and my firstΒ  (real) art sale really speaks to me. Today marks a milestone of the road ahead. My vision only becomes clearer as each day passes. Looking forward to creating more and more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It’s a hoot


What I really like about this piece is that it was completed in two different years of my life. The background I painted at Shambhala Music Festival in 2016. (That place fuels my artistic fire….I’ll write an article on the magic vibes there one day.) The owl, which Shambhala uses as their logo in a partial way, I painted as soon as I got home from the festival in 2017. Yes I went two years in a row. I’m addicted to the vibes, energy, and like minded people that attend. Not to mention the music. BUT. Getting off topic. At the time of painting the background I had no idea what this piece was going to become. A year later after I came home from the fesitval, I found this piece tucked away in the back of my canvas stash. What a perfect time to pull it out, I thought. Remembering where I had started this piece, it was no question what I wanted to complete it with. My love for Shambhala. β™‘

Rick and Morty

“I built a portal Mooorty *burrrp* ” – Rick

This one was made especially for my hunny, who’s an avid Rick and Morty fan.

Here’s Cam (my hunny) going to buy the new season via amazon cause its not released in Canada yet, and I know I’m going to be watching it for the next two weeks until he memorizes every scene. I’ll admit I wasn’t huge into it when I first saw an episode, but as I watched more and more, I became mostly facintated by their art, and those unique ideas. Like who decided to make Rick a pickle? πŸ˜†


This one was so fun to paint, I can see more Rick and Morty features in the future. 😊

Refurbished creation β™Ί

Refurbished wall decor

This funky piece now holds my favorite unicorn candle on it. I almost used it for a mini bulletin of small photos, but the pink candle and turquoise went together so well.

Originally it was bought at a thrift store, looking ancient and ready to be thrown out. With this new look, its probably something you’d find at a Winners. Not in a landfill or thrift store.

In a generation of consumers, I wish to see more refurbishing and reuse.Β