Rick and Morty Artwork

Recently added to the Etsy shop:

Rick and Morty prints available for printing at home!

Currently available is a PDF format, as well as a JPG format. These you can edit to your liking for size, and print on whatever you wish! The prints are from an original canvas paint. The original was painted with acrylics, and have highlights of marker on it. The prints are listed in my Etsy shop for $14.99. If you do not have a printer at home, and would like to arrange a custom print mailed to you, please use the contact me form, and speak to me directly. I’m sure we can arrange something!

Rick and Morty

“I built a portal Mooorty *burrrp* ” – Rick

This one was made especially for my hunny, who’s an avid Rick and Morty fan.

Here’s Cam (my hunny) going to buy the new season via amazon cause its not released in Canada yet, and I know I’m going to be watching it for the next two weeks until he memorizes every scene. I’ll admit I wasn’t huge into it when I first saw an episode, but as I watched more and more, I became mostly facintated by their art, and those unique ideas. Like who decided to make Rick a pickle? πŸ˜†


This one was so fun to paint, I can see more Rick and Morty features in the future. 😊